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Linen Memorial - Northern Ireland Troubles, Ireland Conflict

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The Linen Memorial: An alternative history of the Ireland Troubles

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The Linen Memorial is a Northern Ireland conflict memorial dedicated to those who live with ongoing trauma and grief.

It is a funerary record, on 400 linen handkerchiefs, of the toll of human lives lost during The Troubles Northern Ireland; persons are listed chronologically from ALL sides of the political divide, without bias.

Linen has been used for centuries to shroud the dead.

This Troubles Memorial was unveiled on The Private Day of Reflection, 2007 in Northern Ireland on the summer solstice 21st June at a centre for peace and reconciliation: The Corrymeela Community, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland.

The Troubles Northern Ireland memorial is a non-heirarchical list of hand-sewn names, from the years of The Troubles.

Art may contribute to healing the wounds of The Troubles, the Northern Ireland conflict.

Northern Ireland has long been famous for its export of Irish Linen, especially embroidered and designed handkerchiefs, along with Northern Ireland flax farming and linen manufacturing or linen production, especially in the industrial city of Edwardian Belfast.

This is a non-traditional monument. It is mobile and can travel to places where there is grief and division. The artist and her project act as witness to the on-going need for mourning from grief and trauma, seek a quiet space for healing, and perhaps, also, for reconciliation and forgiveness (or " a parity-of-esteem-for-difference").

Northern Ireland's 2014 Code of Conduct for Public Commemorative activities, is set out in an Healing through Remembering publication.

The Linen Memorial adheres to the guiding principles and values outlined here:

The Linen Memorial also adheres to the 2014 Day of Reflection Code of Conduct available here:

Lycia Trouton, artist-coordinator, thanks the community and inter-community spaces which have been requesting the memorial, since 2014, provision of which is free of charge. She also welcomes feedback on your experience when visiting the site or the real-time installation or display.

Please note that an installation is "immersive" (usually an art gallery) and a display is a hanging of the linen panels where the architectonics of the space cannot be engaged. This may be due to lack of manpower, time or money to "install" more holistically and ideally.

For more information, please contact the artist by filling in the contact form at this site:

Photographs: Kathy Bernett, Diana Cullum-Hall