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Tasmania 2009–10

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2009–10 Tasmania

November 27th 2009

The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath's annual End-of-Year Work-in-Progress seminar in Launceston, Tasmania.
Presentation and Discussion papers with other Lecturers and Researchers working in the broad areas of colonial and postcolonial studies. The aim was to gather together unexpected synergies.
My Linen Memorial presentation was in the Tamar Valley Centre Room of the Albert Hall. Albert Hall.
The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath (CAIA)

June 18, 2010

TEDxTasmania Presentation

In this talk Lycia Trouton shares her ideas about 'light on linen' and how a "non-heroic" "counter-monument" might contribute to the hope for healing intercommunal coexistence in N. Ireland. At the conclusion of her talk, she asks the audience to participate in creating "snow angels" as a way of invoking "hope" on the summer or winter solstice .... There were 3 DVDs that were a part of her talk featuring 1) a conversation about household linens, 2) a walk through the memorial "linen graveyard" and 3) a short You Tube clip on "How to Iron your Irish Linen Handkerchief" featuring Mrs. Margaret Barman.
Lycia also introduced the e-memorial, available at The Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Trouton was wearing a dress with a cut-out pleated hem which she stated, "reminded her of the Handkerchiefs of Hope" project she brought to North Belfast in 2008, sponsored by the CRC: the Community Relations Council, Belfast and facilitated by Corrymeela Ctr for Peace & Reconciliation.
Trouton participated in TEDx as Head of Art and Design Theory at the School of Visual & Performing Arts, UTAS Launceston where she had been lecturing for the past year. Prior to coming to Australia for her doctorate, Trouton was a Public Artist with award-winning Architecture & Landscape Architecture firms in North America. She continues to exhibit, work as a Visiting Artist and speaker internationally.
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