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Volunteers in Northern Ireland, 2014

(in no particular order)

Richard and Charlotte Salisbury, John and Lynne McKenzie, Heather Gray, Gladys, Alan and Wilma Crozier, Gordon Rea, Denis Brady, Mabel Clements, Edward McKenzie, Laura Jane Guiney, Ann and Colm, Sheila, Margaret Sands, Rowan Hand, Michael Breslin (Dublin), Anne and Catherine (Mother and daughter), Jeanette McConnell, Frances Hamilton, Vera Mulligan, June, Revd. Kingsley Sutton: Church of Ireland, Newry. Angela: The cross-community Quilting and Sewing group, Newry.

Please contact me if you have been inadvertently left off of the list.



Jim and Roger, (father and son), John and Doreen (Husband and wife), Lorna Hosford.