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Flax farming and linen manufacturing were iconic to the industrialisation of the North of Ireland, particularly in the eighteenth century. A handkerchief is a sign of grieving and hankies were traditionally exchanged between loved ones as heartfelt goodbye gifts. You can watch: Prof. Rev. James Haire's fascinating and informative opening speech for the Linen Memorial which describes the relevance of linen to Northern Ireland.

The hand embroidery of the names was completed
from 2002 - 2009

Embroiderers around the world:

Allen, Edith Anderson, Barbara
Arney, Suzanne Smith Barman, Margaret
Benson, Nerida Richmond Bernett, Kathy
Boni, Maria Bovard, Julia
Colleary, Máirín Cunningham, Jo Lynn
Damon, Margot Duffy-Biro, Jean
Ferguson, Glenys (Richmond) Garofalo, Gen
Gillick, Marjorie Gobold, Ann
Grealis, Bridget Kim Bear
Malia, Jim, Julia and Sarah Manwaring, Lyn
McCormick, Patricia McFadden, Rosaleen
McRobb, Jan Miller, Hanne
Molloy, Janet Morriott, Edith
Morris, Jane Murphy, Lizz
Osborne, Jean Read, Joy
Readdick, Christine Reid, Sheila
Russell, Janet Steele, Connie
Sterling, Jan Spielman, Lucy McCarthy
Trouton, Maureen Tenant, Alex
Whyte, Judy Young, Jennifer

Thank you to:

Friends of Corrymeela, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland
Friends of Ireland, Canberra, ACT, Australia
U.K. Embroiderers' Guild, Birmingham, England
The Irish Society, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
USA Global Volunteers to Corrymeela Community, Ballycastle, June 2008
USA Groves Conference on the Family,
N. Ireland tour 2008 - trauma in community.
Yass Public Library, NSW, Australia.


Linens is a 10 minute DVD created from 2005 documentary footage of a Sydney-based "bedroom" conversation (March 2005) between Mrs. Margaret Barman, Australia (migrated from Omagh 1957) and Mrs. Maureen Trouton, Canada (migrated from Belfast 1970) - Produced by Lycia Trouton and directed, edited by storytelling and documentary film professional, Len Glasser of Lensvision, NSW, Australia and NYC.

Artistic precedents for large-scale public needlework projects:

For example, wartime quilts and the contemporary Ribbon-Around-the-Pentagon   organised by Justine Merritt ; The Crystal Quilt directed by Suzanne Lacy , USA, mid-1980s; The Dinner Party by sculptor Judy Chicago , USA, 1970s, and The Parliamentary House Embroidery : Embroiderers' Guilds of Australia, 1988 ; Goldsmiths Prof. Janis Jefferies and the 'textile arts' fence at Greenham Common , 1984; Roses-from-the-Heart , the 2007 Australian bonnet project by artist Christina Henri, MCA, commemorating the passage of women convicts.
Saidie Patterson, Belfast Peace Activist well-known for her work with mixed communities of working-class women, first female Linen & Textiles Trade Unionist , Saidie Patterson (1906 - 1985)
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