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Information about The Linen Memorial: Information about The Troubles: Recent government information on "A Way Forward for Legacy of The Past" in N. Ireland 2015-16 Memorials and organisations fostering a fragile parity of esteem for difference Public Art & Craft:

Information about artistic precedents of large-scale public community needlework projects for peace, commemoration & non-violence, and for women's contributions to public life:

Installation Art about Acts of Memory/Spaces of Forgetting and/or the Art of Textiles/Migration: Related articles and books: Archives: Human Rights blog for people from or connected to Northern Ireland Donation:
  • City of Belfast Youth Orchestra (CBYO)
    The Linen Memorial officially endorses the following charity: The Belfast Youth Orchestra, in memory of Stephen Parker, teenager killed (wrong place, wrong time) 1972. Please contact 'CBYO' about your donation.
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