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The Irish Linen Memorial

Horrific Hankies Installation

2002 Australia

Opened on Remembrance Day, November 11th 2002, prior to The Fabrications of The Postcolonial conference about feminist, political English literature and the art of textiles.
Launched by Dr. Gerry Turcotte (Montreal), Head Canadian-Australian Studies Centre.
Original score by Thomas Fitzgerald
Original choreography by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, OAM and Mirramu Dance Company

A curio cabinet held Irish linen handkerchiefs, tea-towels and braided cotton bandages where silkworm cocoons are nesting, eating mulberry leaves and transforming.
  • Stan Gielewski - photography, sculptural assistance, web design (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Sandy Houston
  • Hendrick Miller - photography (Portland, USA)
  • Jo Ann O’Dell, Tanya Sobiesiak, David Blackall, Dr. Dorothy Jones - performance/model (Sydney)
  • Ziik Savu - stage production (Wollongong, Australia)
  • Robert Trouton - architectural drafting (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Natasha Naomi Younie - Curatorial management (Sydney, Au)
  • Geraldine Finegan/Chong Do Sunim, Jasmine N.M. Folz, Nancy Hewitt, Hendrick Miller - (Seattle, USA) - artist’s assistants
  • Robert and Maureen Trouton - (Vancouver, Canada) memorial mementos_
  • Akemi and Maki Endo - for creating over 300 white origami cranes for Peace (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Cricket Fox- textiles contribution (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Sean Maguire; Creative Image Photography - stills (Au)
  • Len Glasser
  • Zutt Productions and Damion Heffernan, Onara Films - video editing (Canberra, Au)
  • Antony Strambolieh - Names Reading
  • Jo Ann O'Dell - Photographer

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