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Third Annual Day of Private Reflection

June 21st 2009

Digital Viewing of the Linen Memorial

Canada Room, Belfast Canada Room, Belfast
Queens University, Belfast Pauline Cain: Australian drama teacher, Elwyn:language teacher, Julie Hanson: painter Elwyn:language teacher & Krisee Oliver: Australian artist
The Linen Memorial event 2009 was truly a Day of Remembrance for us to reflect on those who tragically lost their lives in The NI Troubles. It was held in the Canada Room, Queen’s University, Belfast on Sunday, 21st June. This atmosphere of the venue was very appropriate being calm and serene – a suitable setting for the theme of the day. 50/60 visitors, many international, from as far away as France, India, Poland, China and USA came to view and hear how the linen handkerchiefs depicted the almost 4000 victims of one of the most troubled period in the history of Northern Ireland. Every name of every person caught up in the conflict was read out. What made it even more meaningful was that these names were mostly those of ordinary men, women and children. On the large screen was also shown a sound movie of Margaret Barman and Maureen Trouton having an informal chat about their memories of the significance Of the linen industry in homes in Ireland. Margaret’s mention of Victor Arbuckle, a businessman whom she knew in Omagh, left a lasting impression on those who remembered the atrocities of the Omagh bombing, the worst single loss of life throughout the 40 year period.
Rowan Hand (RTE broadcaster and interviewer) greeted guests as they arrived The warmth of his personality and his obvious compassion for this day of reflection was welcoming to all. Krissee Oliver, an Australian artist, was also in attendance and ably answered questions about how the project began.
So many lives lost can never be forgotten and for this reason many were inspired by the presentation of the day. This annual Day of Healing is a lasting reminder of a painful legacy but the hope of a future which will never again mirror the past.
Elwyn Hanson
Invited Speakers:
    Rowan Hand, Broadcaster
    Martin Dunphy Charity worker (formerly of Peace People, 1970s) Download PDF
Host: Australian Artist Krisee Oliver
Additional hosts: The Hanson Family

Public viewing of the Linen Memorial Handkerchiefs

The presentation at the Centre for Peace at the Canadian Memorial United Church on the longest day of the year, June 21st, saw a number of visitors and church members attending... There are so many names embroidered that even when just over half the handkerchiefs are laid out...laid flat and close together, they covered ten standard long tables as well, and were also pinned to white drapes covering over the surrounding screens. The Canadian Memorial Church was built in remembrance of those who died in war, and on Remembrance Day, November 11, 1928, it was dedicated to the cause of peace. Lycia is appreciative of all the volunteer assistance. This year, the longest day (in the Northern Hemisphere), was also Father's day, so I have to also say a sincere 'thank you' to all of you who have become intimate with the Irish Linen Memorial through my daughter. Thanks to The Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace for giving the (Irish) Linen Handkerchief Memorial its own moment. s Robert Wakefield and Maureen Anne Salus Trouton Hosts: Robert and Maureen Trouton Artist's Assistants: Cricket Fox & Arnold and Margaret Wiedrick
Robert Wakefield and Maureen Anne Salus Trouton
Hosts: Robert and Maureen Trouton
Linen Memorial, Day of Private Reflection 2009
Artist's Assistants: Cricket Fox & Arnold and Margaret Wiedrick
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